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With our Maximum Business Advantage program, your company will quickly realize cost savings and profit increases that more than offset your investment. Best of all – those cost savings and profit increases will continue year after year.

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The Maximum Business Advantage MBA program is custom-designed and tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. While the specific program that brings your organization its Maximum Business Advantage will vary, typical components of most MBA’s are detailed below.

Just as an academic Master’s Degree confers professional skills and critical thought processes of the highest degree, the Maximum Business Advantage (MBA) Program brings together the theory, practice, and delivery of a consistently remarkable customer experience. With continuous improvement integrated in the fabric and organizational culture, the Maximum Business Advantage is a strong differentiator and a defensible competitive advantage.

Components include:

Two-hour and/or four-hour Experience Map™ Collaboration Sessions
The Experience Map™ Collaboration Session is the cornerstone of the structured programs offered by Maximum Business Advantage. The Experience Map™ tool provides a visual and intuitive framework to discuss, define, refine, and improve systems, process, and procedures that comprise Business operations.
Understanding Your Customers Module
See your organization through your customers’ eyes. Learn why they continue to do business with you and how you can strengthen your relationship and earn their continued business with you, not with your competitors.
Customer Service and Service Recovery Plan
A Customer Service Plan is as essential as a business plan and a marketing plan to the success of your company. A Customer Service Plan is a detailed strategy to deliver, measure, and maintain consistently high customer service levels.
The Service Recovery Plan establishes standards that give your front line employees the knowledge, empowerment, and authority to fix the rare but inevitable service failures before dissatisfaction and customer loss occurs. Your employees will do the right thing – if they have enough information to know what the right thing is.
People Skill and Gap Analysis module
Understand the skills and aptitudes of your People, so that staffing decisions can be strategic, focused, and intentional to add needed skills.
Align People and skills with customers’ needs through a tangible selection, retention and promotion plan. Strengthen your teams – make the best use of your People’s true strengths in the workplace.
Operations and Training Manual
The Operations Manual is a thorough repository of processes and procedures to ensure consistency across the organization. As your company grows, the Operations Manual converts easily into a Training Manual for training new People.
Site Champion Program & Training
We work with Champions you have identified and train your Site Champion to administer and maintain your Maximum Business Advantage. Even after you have earned your MBA, trained and experienced facilitator(s) are always on site. Site Champions promote your organizational culture of continuous improvement, next practices innovation, and an unwavering focus on the customer.
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