Profit Improvement Experts (formerly Maximum Business Advantage) was founded in 2006 with the goal to help small- to mid-size businesses create a consistently excellent customer experience.

At PIE, we help you to discover, understand, shape, standardize, document, validate, implement, and apply a commonly-understood ‘Common Sense’ in your business, based on the ‘Truths’ that you, the people in your business, and your customers already know and act upon as ‘Facts.’ Our worldview and values has everything to do with service; how a business delivers its product or set of task-accomplishing, problem solving, customer-satisfying ‘thing.’

At Profit Improvement Experts we help you to understand and appreciate who your competitors are (and it’s a bigger crowd than you might think), we discuss how to create a Common Sense for your business, we help you to focus on the support functions in your business – and among your vendors and suppliers – to ensure that your front line has the tools and the authority to simplify life for your customers, we promote the formation/reformation/renovation of a culture in your company that makes your organization run smoothly.

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